Shri. Vijay Waghmare, I.A.S. Hon'ble Secretary, Tribal Development Department
Dr. Rajendra Bharud, I.A.S. Hon'ble Commissioner, Tribal Research and Training Institute, Pune
Smt. Chanchal Patil Hon'ble Joint Director, TRTI, Pune
Shri. Hansdhwaj Sonawane Hon'ble Deputy Director, TRTI, Pune

Blue Wooden Tray


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Wood is a porous and fibrous structural tissue found in trees and other woody plants' stems and roots. It's a natural composite of cellulose fibres that are strong in tension and are embedded in a lignin matrix that resists compression. Wood is sometimes defined as solely the secondary xylem in tree stems, or it can be defined more widely to encompass the same sort of tissue elsewhere, such as in tree or shrub roots. [requires citation] It serves as a support in living trees, allowing woody plants to grow large or stand on their own. It also transports water and nutrients between the roots, the leaves, and other developing tissues. The term "wood" can also refer to

Width(in) Height(in) Length(in) Weight(gm) Volume(ml) Material Color
8 14 - 500 - Wood Blue
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