Shri. Vijay Waghmare, I.A.S. Hon'ble Secretary, Tribal Development Department
Dr. Rajendra Bharud, I.A.S. Hon'ble Commissioner, Tribal Research and Training Institute, Pune
Smt. Chanchal Patil Hon'ble Joint Director, TRTI, Pune
Shri. Hansdhwaj Sonawane Hon'ble Deputy Director, TRTI, Pune

About Maha Tribes

Maha Tribes is a project of the Maharashtra State Tribal Research and Training Institute in Pune, which is an autonomous entity of the Maharashtra government that was founded in 1962 under a centrally sponsored plan.

In the tribal-dominated states of the country, tribal research and training institutions are conducting studies on many aspects of tribal issues. To address one of these issues, TRTI encapsulated Maha tribes by providing a digital identification for self-help groups (SHGs) / Scheduled tribes Artisans of Maharashtra to promote their goods, hence improving their exposure and value.


Maha Tribes - An Ecommerce Marketplace to Empower Tribal Artisans and SHGs

Self Help Groups (SHGs) and artisans should be included in e-Commerce, according to TRTI.

TRTI has developed Maha Tribes, an e-marketplace Web Portal and Mobile App for Maharashtra's Self Help Groups (SHGs) / Scheduled Tribes Artisans.

Supporting SHGs/ Scheduled Tribes artisans' economic recovery and maximising their digital potential, with an emphasis on supporting digital inclusion, is one of TRTI's primary initiatives for promoting SHGs/ Scheduled Tribes artisans.

Therefore Transactions must be expedited using Ecommerce platforms to allow SHGs/ Scheduled Tribes artisans to compete effectively in the increasingly digitised and networked industry.

TRTI believes Micro businesses belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC&STs) can have the same access to the national and international markets as larger businesses if given the right ecosystem, support, policies and regulations environment.

TRTI envisions adapting and improving the economic stagnation with resources and entities to provide digital visibility, business connections, and increased value for products of SHGs/artisans in Maharashtra through a E-commerce profiling platform and Mobile App.

About TRTI

Tribal Research and Training Institute, Maharashtra State, Pune is an autonomous government of Maharashtra entity that was founded in 1962 under a centrally sponsored scheme. In the tribal-dominated states of the country, tribal research and training institutions are conducting studies on many aspects of tribal subjects.

During the formation of this organisation, the following goals were established.

To assess the influence of different programmes undertaken by the federal and state governments on the tribal community's economic, educational, and social development on tribal life.
Conducting a study on issues concerning tribal life and development.
Officers and employees in the Tribal Development Department get in-service training, as well as tribal students, receive pre-service training.
Organising various tribal training sessions
Run tribal cultural museums for the preservation of tribal art and culture, as well as arrange handicraft exhibitions in various cities and make short films on tribal life.
Maintain administrative supervision over the operation of Scheduled Tribes Certificate Inspection Committees at the regional level in Maharashtra.

The Tribal Research and Training Institute is the only government institute in the state that has been undertaking tribal research and running different tribal training programmes for the past 50 years. The Central Government has designated this institute as the nodal agency for all tribal research and training institutes in the country, in recognition of its efforts.

In 2013, the Tribal Research and Training Institute celebrated its Golden Jubilee, which was launched by then-President Shri Pranab Mukherjee. As per the Government Resolution dated December 24, 2013, the organisation was awarded the status of an independent organisation by broadening the scope of its original aims.

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Tribal Training and Research Institute, Pune

Dr. Rajendra Bharud, IAS


Jagruti Kumare

Joint Director

Hansdhwaj Sonawane

Deputy Director

Shri. Vinit Pawar

Account Officer

Sarojinee Kshirsagar

Museum curator

Priyanka Bokil

Research Officer

Shamkant Daundkar


Samadhan Ahire

Higher Grade Stenographer