Shri. Vijay Waghmare, I.A.S. Hon'ble Secretary, Tribal Development Department
Dr. Rajendra Bharud, I.A.S. Hon'ble Commissioner, Tribal Research and Training Institute, Pune
Smt. Chanchal Patil Hon'ble Joint Director, TRTI, Pune
Shri. Hansdhwaj Sonawane Hon'ble Deputy Director, TRTI, Pune

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Jamun Powder


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Control diabetes: Jamun seeds, like the fruit, contain anti-diabetic properties. The seeds contain alkaloids [1, which are molecules that prevent starch from being converted to sugar and thus help you maintain a healthy blood glucose level.Jamun seeds are said to be high in flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant that not only aids in the removal of damaging free radicals from the body but also protects antioxidant enzymes. "

Width(in) Height(in) Length(in) Weight(gm) Volume(ml) Material Color
- - - 125 - Refined Wheat Flour, Skimmed Milk powder, Hydrogenated vegetable Fat, Sodium Bi carbonate, Malic Aci Gray
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