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Aambadi Powder


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The petals of the Roselle Hibiscus/Ambadi flower are very sour, high in iron, and offer a variety of medicinal properties for acidity, digestion, blood pressure, and blood sugar. The most significant aspect is that it keeps the body cool. As an alternative to Kokum, tamarind, or Amchur, use this powder in leafy vegetables and standard curries or daals. Additionally, increase the iron content of your food plate. It can be drunk as a juice by mixing one spoon of jaggery, honey, or sugar with one glass of water and drinking it as an instant energiser and heat reducer. For the past three decades, farmers from Nagpur have been instructing farmers to harvest vast quantities of Ambadi flowers, which are cultivated on bunds in drylands and kept in homes as a cure for a variety of maladies.

Width(in) Height(in) Length(in) Weight(gm) Volume(ml) Material Color
- - - 10 - Aloevera , Glycerin , Peppermint, Olive Oil Brown
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