Shri. Vijay Waghmare, I.A.S. Hon'ble Secretary, Tribal Development Department
Dr. Rajendra Bharud, I.A.S. Hon'ble Commissioner, Tribal Research and Training Institute, Pune
Smt. Chanchal Patil Hon'ble Joint Director, TRTI, Pune
Shri. Hansdhwaj Sonawane Hon'ble Deputy Director, TRTI, Pune

Paper Art - Deer


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Deer mate for life and are a long-standing symbol of eternal love, paper Deer are frequently used as wedding and anniversary decorations. Because they are ridden by Saraswati and Brahma in Hindu mythology, origami Deer have been associated with art and life transitions.

Width(in) Height(in) Length(in) Weight(gm) Volume(ml) Material Color
8 12 - 200 - Paper Brown
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